Our 2017 Drivers of the Year

The final numbers are in!  All Waste Inc. is proud to announce twenty five safe drivers for 2017. In total twelve drivers are returning for a consecutive year and eleven drivers have earned the award at some point since the programs conception in 2005.   Our in-house “safe driver of the year” award criteria is very strict, each driver must:

  • Be employed for the full year of 2017
  • No Chargeable/Preventable Incidents
  • No Chargeable Preventable Vehicle/Driver Violations
    • Unsafe Driving (FMCSR 392 & 397)
    • Driver Fitness (FMCSR 383 & 391)
    • Vehicle Maint. (FMCSR 393 & 396)
  • No Unreported Incidents
  • No Company Safety Violations

I am also very happy to announce that All Waste Inc. submitted three driver nominations to this year’s National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) Safe Driver of the Year Award and each driver has made it to the final round of considerations.  Prior to nomination, each All Waste Inc. employee must achieve the All Waste Inc. Safe Driver of the Year award for four consecutive years. In the event an All Waste Inc. employee earns the “2017 NWRA Driver of the Year Award” we have committed to cover the traveling and boarding expenses so the individual can attend this April’s NWRA award ceremony in Las Vegas.

2017 Driver’s of the Year

Dan Alberino
Jimmy Ayala
Allen Bump
Jonathan Bump – 3 years consecutive
Freddy Buttram – 3 years consecutive
Michael Gondek
Everett Hardgrove
Raymond Huertas
Adrian Kopec
Matthew McNaughton
Charles Mallard
Paul Merry
Michael Murphy
Luis Ortiz
Tylon Patterson
Victor Rivera – 3 years consecutive
John Rowley Sr – 2 years consecutive
Richard Syc – 3 years consecutive
Matthew Wolak
2017 Driver’s of the Year and Honorable mentions
Andrew Czekaj – AWI Safe Driver 2008-2017 and 2013 NWRA Safe Driver of the Year
Derrick Belin – AWI Safe Driver 2009-2017 and 2016 NWRA Safe Driver of the Year
Alvaro Mora – AWI Safe Driver 2011-2017, 2014-2017 NWRA Safe Driver nominee
Eddie Lallier Jr – AWI Safe Driver 2012-2017
John Griffin – AWI Safe Driver 2013-2017, 2016 – 2017 NWRA Safe Driver nominee
Joseph Lallier – AWI Safe Driver 2014-2017, 2017 NWRA Safe Driver nominee


Thanks again to all of the drivers above for going above and beyond every single day!


Matthew Slowik

Safety & Compliance Manager
All Waste Inc.


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