Trash Talk Tuesday

Trash Talk Tuesday for 7/24

Welcome to our new series of articles, Trash Talk Tuesday. Every week on Tuesday we will be posting about common misconceptions of recyclables and trash that most people don’t know about. Our hope from these posts is that our customers and anyone else looking for the proper disposal of certain materials can use this page as a resource to gain knowledge on recycling. We will be providing you this information from sources like MIRA, EPA, and our own 30 years of experience. We hope that you find this page useful in recycling at home and doing your part to give back to the community that you live in.

The first Trash Talk that we have for you this Tuesday is the misconception of Pizza Boxes. Most people believe that pizza boxes need to be thrown out but that is NOT true. If you remove the white paper that the pizza sits on top of and there is not grease residue or food stuck to the box then the pizza box CAN be recycled!!! Enjoy the pizza and then recycle the box, it’s a win-win for everyone. Helping yourself and helping the environment.

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