Trash Talk Tuesday for 12/25/2018

Welcome back to your weekly “Trash Talk Tuesday” article, this being the final week before the new year, we wanted to bring your attention to a recycling tip that will help you to recycle right after all of those New Year’s Eve parties. With all of the paper tableware and plastic utensils that most people will be dispersing on New Year’s Eve we wanted to let you know that if any of those have any food contamination on them they must be placed in the trash and not the recycling bin. The reason for this is because if too much food contamination gets into the recycling at our facility then our main buyer of recyclables will not accept our recycled product. That’s the whole point of recycling, to make new product out of old material so by throwing food contaminated products into the recycling bin we are defeating the purpose of recycling all together!!! Happy New Year’s to you and your families, make your New Year’s resolution to start paying attention to what you throw in your recycling bin, all the help makes a difference.

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