Eco Friendly

We are always working for a Cleaner tomorrow. 

From electronic billing options to the types of trucks we drive, environmental sustainability is a driving force in our daily operations. As leaders in new technologies, we’re thrilled with the steps made to help our environment and keep our customers feeling good about how they have their waste removed. 

We’re also proud to have pioneered the way for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). We established the first American-made fueling station in Hartford County. We also introduced clean burning American Natural Gas trucks. Our fleet of vehicles uses CNG fuel to help reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 30% and improve the air we all breathe. Fun fact: the engines on CNG vehicles are also up to 10 decibels quieter than diesel engines—meaning less noise in your neighborhoods! 

In addition to the types of vehicles and fuel we use, we also aim to have as few trucks on the road as possible. Our split body trucks simultaneously collect refuse and recyclables so we can send one truck instead of two on recycling weeks. We encourage more recycling by making it convenient and economical. To do this, we provide over-sized carts instead of small bins for recycling to keep pickups on a bi-weekly schedule. All of our efforts result in decreased emissions and cleaner neighborhoods for our customers and their families. 


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